Patients are becoming more and more complex. Many diseases have progressed from acute, life ending illnesses to chronic diseases. As patients live longer with more complex diseases, it has become increasingly important for patients to become more engaged in their care.


All-Health will allow patients to not only access their own medical records, but it will also give context to the data in their chart and give suggestions on how best to optimize their health.


As patients improve things such as their blood pressure, A1C and make lifestyle modifications (i.e. weight loss, smoking cessation), they will get real-time feedback on how these changes improve their long-term health outcomes.


All-Health will not only give insight to the patient about their risk of developing severe diseases, such as stroke or heart disease; It will also help with medication administration, provider appointments, real-time hospital discharge instructions, etc.


All-Health will revolutionize how patients access healthcare and will improve their outcomes as they become more engaged in their own health.

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